Ranga Model 3

Ranga is an Indian pen company that specializes in handmade pens in both acrylic and ebonite. They only make a few models but have a bunch of different materials to chose from. Mine happens to be the Model 3 in the green ripple ebonite.


This pen is very light despite being a large pen–its dimensions are similar to the Pelikan m1000.

Ranga offers their pens with a huge variety of nib options to suit the end user’s preference. Mine is tapped to accept a JoWo nib unit, but you can order most of their pens tapped to accept Schmidt nib units or Bock nib units or the pens can be made to accept Kanwrite nibs, made in India. All of Ranga’s pens can be filled via eyedropper, but the pens equipped with JoWo, Bock, or Schmidt nib units can also use standard international cartridges and converters. It’s hard to find this level of customization at this price range–the Model 3 is going for $33 to $84 on Ranga’s website, depending on material and nib choice. Considering production Franklin-Cristoph or Edison pens start at $160, $84 is a great bargain.DSC_0333

Mine came with a stock Fine nib that was completely serviceable but I’ve installed a ruthenium plated Medium nib that was modified into an oblique cursive italic by Pablo of fpnibs.com. Oblique nibs are cut at an angle and were originally designed to compensate for rotation of the nib; in modern times, obliques are usually ground like a slanted stub or italic and offer unique line variation. One either can write with obliques without an issue or not, and I seem to get along with this nib just fine.

Cut at an angle. . .
. . .and ground quite sharp for line variation.

I love this pen and nib combination. The Model 3 is big and comfy, the ebonite is smooth and organic feeling, and the nib is full of character. It’s a joy to write with it.

Great line variation.

It’s hard to find fault with the Ranga Model 3. It’s truly handmade, so the fit and finish aren’t as precise as a mass produced piece, but for the cost one could do a whole lot worse. If forced to say something bad about the pen, I’d say that Ranga pens tend range from oversized to gargantuan and some people don’t want a big pen. Also the pen doesn’t post (well, it does but it’s stupid long when posted), but I’m really nit picking at this point. The Model 3 is a top-shelf choice in the sub-$100 category.


  • Well made.
  • Tons of options for customization.
  • Lightweight.


  • It’s big, and that’s not for everyone.
  • Pen doesn’t post in a practical way.


  • Cap:
    • Screw cap.
    • 1.1 turns to remove.
    • Postable, but ridiculously long when posted.
  • Nib:
    • JoWo steel medium modified to an oblique cursive italic.
    • Huge factory options including:
      • JoWo extra fine through broad, 1.1mm and 1.5mm stub.
      • Bock extra fine through broad, 1.1mm and 1.5mm stub.
      • Schmidt fine, medium, and broad.
      • Kanwrite fine, medium, broad, and flex.
  • Filling system:
    • All models are eyedropper compatible.
      • 4mL ink capacity.
    • Standard international system if equipped with a German nib unit.
      • Ink capacity if filled with standard international Schmidt K5 converter is 0.8mL.
      • Long international cartridge compatible.
  • Finish:
    • Green ripple ebonite.
    • Other standard ebonite colors and premium ebonites are also available.
    • Most materials can be made matte or shiny.
  • Length:
    • Capped: 150mm
    • Uncapped: 138mm
    • Posted: 187mm
  • Weight:
    • Total: 24g
    • Pen: 15g
    • Cap: 9g
  • Section diameter:
    • 11-13mm
Great line variation.