Recommended Retailers

I have no affiliation with these businesses. They’re not paying me. I don’t want their money. I’m just a happy customer and thought I would give them a shout-out because I like them for one reason or another.

Anderson Pens. Their HQ is in Wisconsin and I try to support Midwest companies. This is also the place to get repair supplies.

Appelboom. Based in the Netherlands. Joost Appelboom seems like such a kind, warm individual in his Youtube videos. Excellent customer service. Plus they can order specialty Aurora nibs for me.

Bertram’s Inkwell. Great selection and super-fast shipping. Modern and vintage pens. Pen repair. And absolutely brilliant customer service. Bert definitely deserves your business.

European Paper Company. They don’t really sell many fountain pens, but they have a good selection of stationary and paper. They’re just a couple hours drive from me, so I like to give ’em a bump when I can–so go buy some Rhodia notebooks from them.

Goulet Pens. Brian Goulet is the guy that gets everyone hooked. They kind of cater to newbies.

Jet Pens. They carry a lot of hard to find Japanese supplies and stationary and have a good selection of other fountain pen stuff.

Mike Masuyama of He hardly needs an introduction. Besides being a nib wizard, he’s a professional and a cool dude.

Nibsmith. Another Midwestern business. Dan Smith, while not exactly part of the fountain pen world’s “old guard”, is among the best nibmeisters working today–top three, in my opinion. His web store has a great selection of stuff. I don’t think he’s doing outside work anymore except maybe at pen shows (which aren’t really a thing in the COVID19 world), but he’ll modify nibs or pens you buy from him. John Mottishaw is a master of nibs. His work doesn’t come cheap but I’ve never been anything less than impressed. This is the place for Nakaya fountain pens in North America. Great customer service. I sometimes use their impressive selection as a reference for prices, ink capacities, and so on in my reviews.

Peyton Street Pens. Good place for restored vintage pens and Ranga pens.